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AGA Clinical Practice Update on the Diagnosis and Management of Atrophic Gastritis: Expert Review.
Shah SC, Piazuelo MB, Kuipers EJ, Li D. Shah SC, et al..
ATTfold: RNA Secondary Structure Prediction With Pseudoknots Based on Attention Mechanism.
Wang Y, Liu Y, Wang S, Liu Z, Gao Y, Zhang H, Dong L. Wang Y, et al..
Emergence and expansion of SARS-CoV-2 B.1.526 after identification in New York.
Annavajhala MK, Mohri H, Wang P, Nair M, Zucker JE, Sheng Z, Gomez-Simmonds A, Kelley AL, Tagliavia M, Huang Y, Bedford T, Ho DD, Uhlemann AC.

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